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Current Projects


Our first and only big project so far, Fat Boy Little Man, is underway. Fat Boy Little man is an online enabled shooter focused solely on the multiplayer aspect. Our main goals for this project is to create a stable connection over the internet, allow switching between first and third person views, have a variety of weapons and finally JUMPS JETS (new twist). The terms Fat Boy and Little Man refer to two different sections of our project. 'Fat boy' refers to the actually modeling/ level design while 'Little Man' is focused on the Networking infrastructure and multiplayer hierarchy.


  • No jump jets in beta
  • Final compilation for beta had finally begun.
  • Our expected release date for a multiplayer beta is July 10th (2007 hopefully)
  • Fat Boy is waaaay more developed than little man


Because this is the prototype, the Fat boy screenshots will be somewhat ugly if any are posted at all. Expect screen shots around July 10th.



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